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BONDASIA LIMITED PARTNERSHIP is a provider about maintenance of industrial valves

such as power plants, oil refineries, petrochemical.

Established the group has experience working with the Map ta  phut industrial and power plant 

including factories in thailand more than 15 years.


We have a maintenance service for all kinds of valves according to API standard,

with special tools such as valve grinding & lapping machine, Bench test valve (Technology from Germany)



We have a quality team has experience maintenance for more than 50 factories in thailand.

If you have any questions about the maintenance of all type of valves.

Including sourcing spare part management.

You can contact the team specialists for consultation at any time



Installation & overhaul soot blower 


Maintenance instructions

1. Operational checks

2. Periodic inspection 

3. Annual maintenance

4. Major overhaul

5. Manual operation



- Initial operation

- Carriage assembly

- Gear box

- Lance hub

- General lubrication

- Grease fitthings

- Bolt heads and threads

- Lance tube & feed tube

- Grand packing & gasket



   Mr. Pradit Boonaim  Sales manager          Mobile : 081-875-6511       

 e-mail :




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Bondasia Ltd part. Address :  69/13 Chantaudom rd., T.Choengnoen
A. Maungraong Rayong    21000
Mobile :  081-875-6511      Tel :  038-010477
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